kenya best property company

Arkaan Properties provides a wide array of real estate and property management services to individuals as well as private sector and government clients. The entire team is fully committed to providing the following services:

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kenya best property company

We make it our business to scout and identify the best pieces of prime property. Our agents are the passionate and focused on all the marketing and sales endeavors. We treat each client individually and no strain is experienced in serving all of our clients.

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Project financing and management is a very particular skill. Within our organization a department exists solely for this service. Being so, a relationship orientation is vital for all the parties involved.

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We provide a wide array of real estate and property management services to individuals as well as private sector and government clients.


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We take it upon ourselves to identify the strongest qualities about your property and create value for it. This is aimed at increasing the worth of your investment in a manner to necessitate favorable returns.

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We assist land owners to obtain finances to develop their land and provides advice to these clients on various joint venture agreement possibilities, current trends and all the implications.

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Valuing your estate is important as it guides all development efforts. Honesty and transparency are the only tools we use to realize this service.


For Sellers

kenya best property company

Whether it’s area attractions, an inexpensive restaurant, neighborhood schools or a neighborhood theater you’re looking for, here’s a great place to start.

For Renters

kenya best property company

Our professionals are here to help you with finding your dream home, coordinating a moving company, and making you feel comfortable and safe.

For Buyers

kenya best property company

If you’re buying or selling a home, security can be a significant issue. Buyers should be aware of the security status in their area. When in doubt, the we will do  security background checks.

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